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[IP] insertion set technique: clean vs sterile

   I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. Their is a difference between clean 
technique and sterile technique. Clean technique is what is used to insert 
your infusion set. It means washing you hands prior to preparing your 
materials and inserting your catheter. Also when washing your hands turn the 
faucet off with the paper towel you dried your hands with. It doesn't make 
sense to turn on a faucet with dirty hands, wash them, and then touch the 
dirty faucet handle again. 
     Sterile technique is what is used in the operating room or other 
invasive procedures such as insertion of an indwelling dialysis catheter. In 
other words sterile gloves are not needed in most cases for pump catheter 
changes. Just like our mothers said "always wash your hands" Don't be afraid 
to tell your doc's to wash their hands prior to an examination particularly 
if your in the hospital. They are notoriously negligent in this matter. 
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