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Heather...RE; MM's new Quick Set...they are FANTASTIC!!!!!  And are SOOO easy 
to insert that I don't think I will need the insertion device!!!  These guys 
have really outdone themselves.  I did the sample they sent me on Josh's 
hiney the other day and he didn't even know I had inserted it!!!  This needle 
is SOOO tiny I couldn't believe it.  And his BGs...Well, we are having some 
of THE BEST since this site.  Sure glad someone screwed up and sent me more 
samples with the complete booklet.  Even though we have the H-Tron pump we 
have been using MM's set for the past 6-7 months.  their insertion devices 
are OUTSTANDING!!  Especially for MOM!!!  But this new set...well, I REALLY 
LOVE IT!!!  Can you tell?!!!!  Tried the new Ulraflex from Dis.  It was nice 
but harder to insert, more painful.  And no option for inserter.  Love the 
pump, but LOVE MM's sets!!

By the way, the Rapids from Dis go in at the 90 degree angle but the needle 
stays in and it does NOT disconnect.  That is why they came out with the new 
Ultraflex.  Needle leaves and it disconnects at the site!  So does the 
Quickset by the way.  Disconnects at the site!  Very simple on both of them!

mom to Josh
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