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[IP] Let's hear it for the dogs

My son had his pump for about 6 weeks when he was playing basketball with the 
neighbor.  For some reason he  took off his pump and set it on a wall ledge.  
He realized he left it there when he returned home and immediately went back. 
 I followed and of course the pump was gone!  (Now my neighbors have 4 dogs- 
one is an Irish Wolf Hound who weighs at least 200 hundred pounds and is as 
big as a pony.)  We looked everywhere for the pump, the bushes , the 
driveway- 30 minutes we search getting sicker all the time- could this be 
explained to our insurance company?  Finally we noticed the Wolf Hound off in 
the yard by himself.  When my son went   up to him he didn't move but he 
noticed the plastic tubing running  out from  under his  body! The dog moved 
when asked and there was the pump no worse for wear, just a few teeth marks 
on the leather case. Now we are not sure if the dog was hiding it or 
protecting it from  the other dogs but we laugh every time we think of that 
afternoon and the dog that stole or saved our new pump!
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