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Re: [IP] Re: Infections Shoud I worry

> I enjoyed reading the reposted excerpt on good sterile technique
> when preparing a site for insertion . . . It got me wondering: 
> Would it not be a  good idea to use sterile gloves, too?  Or is that
> overkill, if you're doing a good job of cleaning your hands?

It's probably overkill. The problem is that many people are staf 
carriers. The critters live in our nasal passages and are benign 
unless they get in an open wound, then all h--l breaks loose. The 
objective is to make sure that this does not happen. The biggest 
contributor is inadvertently touching ones face or other 
skin/clothing surface that is contaminated then touching the "goods". 
Washing your hands eliminates the bugs there. Putting on gloves would 
probably only make a miniscule improvement if any since the problem 
is not the hands, but WHAT THEY TOUCH.

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