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I have been using the Sils now for a couple of months.  I usually pinch up
some skin and then insert at 20 degree angle.  Some of the cannula is still
visible at the site.  Also when I remove it, the cannula is also bent down
at a slight angle.  Never had blockage issues though.  I like them better
than the Soft-set Micros because the site would sting during boluses...now
with the Silos I forget its in.  Do you put the Polyskin dressing over the
site?  I usually cut out a circle and cover is for extra care.

I also tried the new Rapids.  They were pretty nice...with the inserter!  I
think I will use those during the summer in the buttocks area..(swim, no
t-shirt in SUN! etc)

Hope this helped,

Brian (pumper since January 2001)
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