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[IP] DKA with unknown cause

In a message dated 4/9/2001 10:30:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

I would like to relate my story about DKA. About a year ago, before the pump, 
I was flying back from a visit to my daughter. I got deathly ill on the 
plane. I was throwing up, thirsty, and feeling very punk. My heart bled for 
the poor man sitting in the seat next to me!  The flight attendant was great. 
Never left my side for about two hours. Finally she found two M.D,s who came 
to me and asked alot of questions. Neither mentioned DKA.  Now after 36 years 
of diabetes, I'd only been sick like that once, and it was many years ago, 
and didnt even know it was DKA until I thought about it after this latest 
episode. Anyway, The Fl. attendant said they had called for paramedics (God, 
how I hate that!) and I could'nt leave the plane on my own.  When they 
wheeled me thru the crowd I saw my husband waiting for me. He said, I knew it 
was you because a gal just walked out and she said to her friend. ";there was 
this nut case of a woman on the plane with us She never shut up!!!  I 
honestly do not remember talking at all. Later I realized I had an infected 
toe. the end of it had to be amputated. So the moral of this story is, If you 
have to go into DKA  try real hard not to do it on an airplane. Joan
> [IP] DKA with unknown cause
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