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[IP] Infections Should I worry?

    I wasn't very worried about our 1st infection, untill I read all the
posts lately about how serious this can be.  Now I'm worried!!  We recently
tired a new approach and did not use the IV prep (I think my son may have a
reaction to it.) and just used alcohol wipes.  BAD idea.  I just removed his
tender today and the site was red, had a bump and had little bits of dried
yellow crusty stuff(not much, just a little) around it.  I cleaned it with
peroxide and put neosporine on it. However he can't keep from itching it.
Do i need to call the doctor, or just wait to see if it gets worse?  Why are
infusion site infections more serious than any regular cut infection?  If
the infection is serious, will he run a fever, or show no signs at all.
Help, now I'm a worried mom with a very active imagination.

Kim (mom to Max 5yrs old and pumping 1month)
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