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[IP] re: Why not arms

I have been very frustrated over this myself as I find using the arm much
less painful than the fingers (almost painless!).  Someone at Therasense
(Freestyle meter) told me that the Bg reading you get from your arm is about
15 to 20 minutes old, whereas the fingertip is more up-to-the-minute. 
Something about better circulation of the blood in the fingertips.  Anyway,
after having several unexpected lows after testing on the arm, I now make it
a habit to use my finger if I MUST know exactly what I am at the moment (if
I feel low, if I might need to make a bolus correction, etc).  I only use my
arm now for times when I know I'm not changing fast or just for a general
idea of how I'm doing.  My blood sugars tend to fluctuate a lot (I think
because I am so sensitive to insulin and take very little) so for me, it's
important to still use my fingers often - bummer!

Pumping 3 weeks now - love it!

Sylvia wrote > In case no one told you...SNIP do NOT use your arm if you
feel you > have or are dropping low.

>Does anyone know a reason? I have the same blood circulating in my arms as
i do in my fingers, and my thighs for that matter, as I test THERE too. And
the chances there these spots being CLEANER than my fingers makes them even
more appealing places to check Sara <
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