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[IP] Ketones

Subject: [IP] HELP Keytones

The first time in 16 years I have keytones. The doctor hasn't returned my
call yet, so I'm seeing if anyone here can help.  This morning 4am, I was
200, so I took 2.5 units to bring me down. At 8am I'm 398. I took 12
units(changed my site). At 9, I'm now 420. So I changed it again. Forgot to
change the res with previous change, plus it felt funny.  I have injected
some insulin via needle. And I'm drinking stuff. IS there anything else? I
have been trying to fight a cold. And right now I'm extremely short of
breathe, I wasn't last night or yesterday.


Christine, you may be in early DKA. at this point you should call your endo
and arrange to see him. Drink Plenty of fluids, diet coke, Increase your
insulin dose as it isn't very effective when you are in DKA. if your increased
dose isn't making a dent in your bs increase it until it does start to lower
them. The key thing is drinking fluids. If you can't reach your endo go to the
ER right away.
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