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RE: [IP] HELP Keytones

Yeah I really meant 12 unites, I then injected 10. If over 300 my factor is
1unit per 25 pts, doe 400 its 1u per 20.So at 200, I use 30. 200-120/30=
2.6667 So I just did 2.5.
I went up to 420, now I'm at 190 after4 hours from injection. I'm breathing
a bit better, but not great. Still waiting on the doctor. They called got my
sugar readings said they would call back. That was 2 hours ago.


Did you really mean 12 units? I know correction factors vary, but that seems
extremely different from the 2.5 units you took earlier? How about the
quantities of ketones? Large? Moderate?

Keep drinking water and testing...

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