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: [IP] How to correct for stubborn highs - longish

Spot answers as best as he can:
1.  Could the rise in BG after her initial 1.5 bolus be due to her insisting
on eating?  Would it be better to wait until BGs are going down & then eat?
(in fact it doesn't matter, there are peptides in the intestine that release
glucagon when food enters the gut)

2.  Her endo always tells her to use a syringe, not bolus, when high.  Does
using a syringe get insulin into the system any faster? (I thought he said
this just in case there's a problem with the pump.)
(all endo's say this mantra, it could be a pen or syringeNot so much the pump
as the site)
3.  Why does it take almost 4-5 hours for her to get back to normal?  Is this
just because there's no back-up NPH insulin circulating and she has to not
only get the BGs down, but get her basal circulating insulin back to where it
should be?
( there is no long acting insulin(MPH) and Humulog works quickly but may be
impeded in its action by insulin resistance caused or aggrevated by high blood

4.  What effect does that double dosing at 1.5 the usual rate have? Any???
(overcomes insulin resistance caused by high bgs)

5.  Any other ideas or thoughts? (If this is a common thing with your daughter
you should consider exploring its relationship to depression, not uncommon in
young diabetics, especially women)

Thanks for all the help

Liz B
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