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[IP] meters

Meters are all the same. the critical componants are the strips. Meters simply
measure time. When blood is put on the strip it starts an electrochemical
reaction which generates small amounts of electricity. the amount generated in
a unit of time is proportionate to the amount of glucose. The charge generated
in the time period is converted by the meter to a reading. There is nothing
super complicated about any of this. I would have the strips checked by
sending some back to the maker first. When strips are left in a hot car or
glovebox it is death to the accuracy of those strips. There is an enzyme on
the strips, glucose oxidase which starts the reaction going and propels it
forward generating hydrogen peroxide and glucoronic acid. the hydrogen
peroxide is a reactant iin the electrochemical reaction. enzymes do not
survive prolonged heating although cold is usually enzyme friendly. When stuff
just isn't right blame the strips first and the meter last. The glucose test
solutions are not really much good because they are not precise. I make my own
in the lab and find my meter with good strips is dead on balls accurate as
Stated in my Cousin Vinny. spot
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