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[IP] NOT a happy camper

OK, before anyone jumps on me and says "Well, you should be grateful to just 
be getting a pump"  I want to say that I am VERY grateful to be getting a 
pump, HOWEVER, I'm NOT happy that I was told I would be getting a MM 508 and 
then, someone from my insurance company just called me and said, "Well, 
everything looks good now, the Disetronic rep will be calling you later 
to....." All I heard was BLAH BLAH BLAH because the words DISETRONIC REP kept 
ringing in my ear!!! NO NO NO NO NO.... I didn't want that pump, I NEED the 
MM508 (NO, I'm not saying that the Disetronic is inferior or anything) I 
already picked 'Skippy's' name out for him. I have pictures, brochures and 
letters about him. Even a need little video. What happened??? My insurance 
company has a contract with Dis...so iff I still wanted the MM, the lady on 
the phone said, "Sure, you can have that one, just come up with the $5000 to 
buy it" Then, she added with a slight smirk in her voice, "Oh, yes, the 
supplies you need every 3 months is going to cost you $900 every time you get 
them."  I wanted to yank her happy little neck through the phone and RING 
IT!! She knew I was bummed about the pump, but she wanted to taunt me a bit. 
:o(  Now I have to come up with a new name for my Disetronic, it can't be 
named Skippy because that was specially made for the other pump.... help.
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