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[IP] Waterproof letter to D - Ready 4 U!

MM and Animas users may want to skip this post, its rather long and
doesn't really pertain to you, although you are welcome to read it...

Hi all, sorry for the delay. The letter to Disetronic about the
Waterproof issue is now ready to go! For those of you who missed out on
what is going on - we are writing a letter to Disetronic about the
recent news from them that the HTrons are no longer considered

To give you a choice, we are offering 2 options. You can do either one,
or both. I think the more people we can get to do both, the greater
impact we will have. This way we can have one letter with a big list of
signers, plus many individual hand signed letters which all look the
same - quietly emphasizing that we are an organized group, not just a
few scattered people. :-)
Thanks to all who helped by offering suggestions, and especially to Jim
S. for his help with Acrobat!

OPTION #1- Sign the group letter. A copy of the group letter appears at
the end of this post. It is very similar to the original one posted. All
you have to do is email me at email @ redacted and I will add you
to the list of "virtual" signers. If you just post to the IP list I
might miss it... By default I am listing your name and email address. If
you prefer I list you differently, please let me know.
(Example: Joe Smith
father of John Smith
prefers contact via phone)

You can view a list of all the current signers at
Once you email me I will try to add you to the list within a couple
hours if you want to check that you have been added. If you have already
emailed me I should have already put you on the list, but you may wish
to double check.

This letter and list of signers will be sent to Patrik DeHaes, President
and CEO of Disetronic USA. If you feel that we really should be sending
additional copies to someone else, please let me know.

OPTION #2- Send an individual letter. For your convenience, we have
already written one which you can download, easily personalize, print,
and mail. It is very similar to the group letter, but "individualized."
It is in Acrobat format and available at
The file is very small and downloads fast! If you need a different
format, let me know and we will work something out. Once you download
the letter and open it you will see there are places where you can click
to enter the date and your name and address. Instructions are available
on the webpage above. It is very straightforward, but please feel free
to email if you need assistance. 

Also, if you would like to attach an additional page with other comments
about your personal situation you are welcome to do so! This letter is
pre-addressed to Patrik DeHaes, President and CEO of Disetronic USA. If
you wish to send copies to other people such as your area
representative, please feel free to do so.


Dr. Patrik DeHaes
President and CEO
Disetronic Medical Systems, Inc.
5151 Program Avenue
St. Paul, MN

Dear Dr. DeHaes:
This letter has been composed by a group of H-Tron and H-Tron+ insulin
pump users. Due to the physical distance separating us, we are unable to
all physically sign this document. However, the names of all signers are
attached. E-mail contact information is provided for most of them, and
because we are users of your pumps, you likely already have other
contact information about us such as phone numbers and addresses. If you
wish to confirm the validity of these signatures, please feel free to
contact any/all of us. In addition, you will be receiving individually
signed versions of this letter from many of us and from others who did
not sign this document.

Your insulin pumps have enabled many of us to achieve significant
improvements in blood glucose levels and HbA1C tests. For others, pump
use has helped lead to a reduction or slowing in diabetic complications.
Almost all of us believe that the pump has allowed us to have a quality
of life much greater than we could have achieved using injections.

We would first like to thank you for your honest and open attitude
regarding the recent problems with the H-Tron pumps and water. We
realize that Disetronic took a great risk financially by admitting these
problems, and we are glad that you cared enough to warn us of these
problems even though the risk to our health and safety is small.

However, we would like to know what future steps Disetronic will be
taking to address this issue. Many of us enjoy watersports such as
swimming or jet-skiing. For those of us who participate in these
activities for an extended period of time it may not be practical or
safe to simply disconnect from our pump, or to return to injections
during this time. In addition, some of us use infusion sets that cannot
be disconnected from the pump, and it is a great inconvenience to remove
and reinsert infusion sets every time we participate in watersports or
bathe. When we first began pump therapy, many of us chose the H-Tron
specifically for this reason - we need a waterproof pump.

Summer, the season for water activities, is approaching quickly, and it
would be greatly appreciated if Disetronic could address this issue
before then. Even a temporary fix such as a waterproof carrying case
(similar to MiniMed's Sport Case) would be helpful to some of us.

Additionally, we would like to let you know that many of us have been
pumping for some time and, despite the reports of problems, we would
feel completely comfortable continuing to take our H-Trons into the
water just as we had been doing. We always keep materials on hand to
deal with any hypoglycemic event, and we are equipped to deal with any
malfunction of the pump resulting in over-delivery. However, we were
disappointed to see that such an activity would now void our warranty
(as stated in http://www.disetronicusa.com/releases/faqsupp.asp).

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to hearing from
you on these issues.

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