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[IP] Philisophical Quote....

The following is the first paragraph of the Preface from Living Beyond 
Limits by David Spiegel, M.D.

Though the background study involved breast cancer, I believe this type of 
model can help living with any serious illness, including diabetes.

Some believe that even looking at the "dark side" of anything is a threat 
to survival and to them it may well be............

Jim S.
email @ redacted

************************************** beginning of quote 

Beauty and tragedy are inextricably interwoven in people with serious 
illness. Those with diseases such as cancer can be both heroic and 
frightened, generous and selfish; they can transcend death and be conquered 
by it. They can indeed "live beyond limits." Cancer and other serious 
illnesses impose limits that are undeniable, but that challenge us to live 
better in the face of those limits. I have become convinced through twenty 
years of clinical work and research that the best way to face the threat of 
serious illness is to look it right in the eye, to face the worst rather 
than simply to hope for the best. Modern medicine has largely focused on 
the physical side of the problem, aggressively attacking the illness, often 
ignoring the person who has it. On the other hand, "alternative medicine" 
has focused on the person rather than the disease, insisting that it is 
simply "mind over matter": Fix it in your mind and the physical problem 
will take care of itself. This approach is equally wrong. It is the 
interaction of mind and body that matters. Coping with illness is both a 
mental and a physical process. We live better not by denying or avoiding 
illness, but by bringing our full resources to bear in facing the situation 
and living beyond it. Serious illness is a threat to life. A diagnosis of 
disease such as cancer seems at first to bring an end to life, but what it 
really does is change it. There is life after cancer and heart disease. 
What we think and feel is relevant to the course of disease, but it does 
not provide us with a straightforward control over it either. In this book 
I describe what I have learned from cancer patients about how one can live 
fully in the face of illness, how mind and body can work together, how 
facing dying can intensify living.

**************************************** end of quote 


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