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[IP] (Was best friend helper) but now Strange Low Reminders?

Hi there;  I could not think how to word the heading for this one!  Well after
reading about the ktties that help with lows, I was reminded of a strange
occurance that happened to me...

My son was about 4 at the time (a year ago--and PRE-pump) so he was on N.  He
NEVER had a consistent peak of his N so his lows seemed to come out of nowhere
and often at night.  One night we were all fast asleep and all of a sudden
someone grabbed my arms and pulled me straight up (sitting) in the bed!  My
arms were even out as if I was held like that.  It scared me as I am not a
heavy sleeper (what D mom is??) and I jumped out of bed to check Bretton and
his blood was 1.3 (27 US numbers)!!!!  I would not normally have checked him
at that time of night!

Still makes me wonder who my guardian angel was.  In fact there are many
nights where I have woken up from a deep sleep for no apparent reason, got out
of bed and checked him only to find  low!  Mother's intuition or something

Take care and let's hear anymore of these neat tales!

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