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[IP] How to correct for stubborn highs - longish

My daughter, Andrea, is having a dreadful time correcting for highs. The last 
2 times almost 400 -- she "forgot" to check the insulin amount in the syringe 
before bed and slept through the alarms (aaahh! to be 16 again!)  

Here's the pattern:

    1.  She wakes up high.
    2.  Bolus 1.5 her usual bolus to bring her down
    3.  Eats breakfast (boluses again)
    4.  Check BGs in an hour (because she just can't stand waiting 2 hours) - 
and     finds out the BGs have risen 50-100 points
    5.  We fight over whether or not to give more insulin!
    6.  She wins - takes more
    7.  Mom frets & worries about lows
      8.  3-4 hours later, she's back in the right range (usually without a 


1.  Could the rise in BG after her initial 1.5 bolus be due to her insisting 
on eating?  Would it be better to wait until BGs are going down & then eat?

2.  Her endo always tells her to use a syringe, not bolus, when high.  Does 
using a syringe get insulin into the system any faster? (I thought he said 
this just in case there's a problem with the pump.)

3.  Why does it take almost 4-5 hours for her to get back to normal?  Is this 
just because there's no back-up NPH insulin circulating and she has to not 
only get the BGs down, but get her basal circulating insulin back to where it 
should be?  

4.  What effect does that double dosing at 1.5 the usual rate have? Any???

5.  Any other ideas or thoughts?

Thanks for all the help

Liz B., whose too confused to work through this on her own right now
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