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Re: [IP] a rant on meters...long

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi kids...long time no post??

> I succumbed when i got the
> freestyle poker and could use the fast take on my arm....
> to sum up, I HATE DIABETES
> Well no more succinctly, I hate this meter!  

> did y'all MISS my rants and raves?????

(Much snipping) -- Sara, I miss you, EVEN when it's ranting and raving
-- got no one to mix up my name with!!!!!  :)

You pretty much summed up why I abandoned the Dex -- couldn't get
consistent (or to be technical, accurate and precise) readings from it.
And if *I* don't like a meter, I'm sure not going to pawn it off on
someone else, so it went into the garbage. 

Seems to me that some of the technical support people who answer the
telephone are doing no more than reading from a script -- I don't think
they REALLY have a clue as to what they're talking about. So they don't
know any other way to reply than to read the relevant paragraph. 

On the other hand, there are SOME who are bundles of useful information
-- which kind you get depends on the luck of the draw. 

Anyway, you could try the new meter -- or try the new strips with the
old meter -- sometimes, even though strips are "fresh", there has been a
manufacturing error or bad shipping conditions which ruin them. 

I've never changed meters without comparing the new one with the old one
-- it's OK if the new one runs CONSISTENTLY higher than the old one -- I
can change correction parameters to match -- but if the meter is a
random number generator, then it becomes a doorstop. The meter and the
door can have fantastic philosophical discussions about the nature of
numbers, but I don't have to be involved!

Good luck!
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