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Re: [IP] Re: Weird experiences with DKA

Shannon James wrote:
> Here's another related question on this topic.  Can you be in Ketosis and
> NOT have it show up on the ketone strip?   (snip)  Consequently I drank 
> literally gallons of water a
> day.  But when I went in to the Dr's office and pee'd on the stick he said
> there were no ketones. 

If you were drinking a LOT of water, you may have been diluting the
ketones so much that they weren't showing on the stick. Another
possibility is that you have a high urinary threshhold for ketones and
had them in your blood, but weren't spilling. A third possibility is
that you were teetering on the edge, and still had enough insulin
production to prevent frank ketoacidosis, but not enough to keep you
from being symptomatic. 

Whether any of this REALLY applies to you or not, I have no idea!!!!!

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