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Re: [IP] a rant on meters...long

Well Sara
I guess a couple of us will be depending on our good old Profile!!  I just 
went through the same thing using the accuchek complete and was going to try 
the freestyle and Ultra meters but maybe I shouldn't bother.  Its just that 
I want to rest my fingers especially with 10-12 pokes a day with little 
black spots on my finger.  The accuchek people told me not to compare meters 
and to just compare to lab tests even though I did that with my profiles 
everytime I went to the lab and it always was within 5-8% higher then if my 
accuchek complete is 20-30% higher then my profile - common sense will say 
that the accuchek is anywhere for 25-38% off from the lab - DUUUH?


i can not get to the web site and I need to go
>see what you all said about this *&(*)(^!@#^ fast take meter many months
>ago...I ignored it as I had made a commitment to my profile and saw no need
>to move on to these new fangled machines...well I succumbed when i got the
>freestyle poker and could use the fast take on my arm....
>to sum up, I HATE DIABETES
>Well no more succinctly, I hate this meter!  I mean I love the quick count
>down and the fact you can use arm pokes, but DAMN it is SOOOOO 
>  at 9pm I was 112, at 1015pm I was 140 (or so I thought), at 1144pm I was
>412!!!  WHAT???  I test again...this time I am 197 WHAT???  I test again,
>this time I am 287!!  So what the hell do I cover for???
>I call lifescan and the B*&*) TELLS me that "everyone's" blood sugar can 
>THAT much in an hour (meaning going from 140 to 412...Not MY  blood sugar,

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