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[IP] Drinking Gatorade while working out

Hi everyone,

I live in Miami, FL and started walking on the beach for an hour on the 
weekends.  It is starting to get pretty hot down here and as a result I am 
sweating a lot and loosing a lot of minerals.  My doctor (Primary Care 
Physician, Cardiologist) told me to drink Gatorade while walking to replace 
the lost minerals. I then asked him wouldn't this be bad for me considering 
the amount of carbs that Gatorade has, he was not able to answer that.

My question is does anybody drink Gatorade or the equivalent when working 
out?  If so, do you dilute it with water?  Do you know if there is a 
substitute with less carbs?  Is it better for Diabetics to eat fruit such 
as a Banana afterward and bolus for it?

I usually eat a Balance bar before the walk and lower my basal rate and 
have found that this works great for me.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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