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[IP] a rant on meters...long

Hi kids...long time no post??

is anyone on here tonight?  i can not get to the web site and I need to go 
see what you all said about this *&(*)(^!@#^ fast take meter many months 
ago...I ignored it as I had made a commitment to my profile and saw no need 
to move on to these new fangled machines...well I succumbed when i got the 
freestyle poker and could use the fast take on my arm....

to sum up, I HATE DIABETES  

Well no more succinctly, I hate this meter!  I mean I love the quick count 
down and the fact you can use arm pokes, but DAMN it is SOOOOO unreliable!!!! 
 at 9pm I was 112, at 1015pm I was 140 (or so I thought), at 1144pm I was 
412!!!  WHAT???  I test again...this time I am 197 WHAT???  I test again, 
this time I am 287!!  So what the hell do I cover for???

I call lifescan and the B*&*) TELLS me that "everyone's" blood sugar can vary 
THAT much in an hour (meaning going from 140 to 412...Not MY  blood sugar, 
babe...not when I KNOW my pump is working and my site is good and my testing 
procedures are correct...She ARGUES with me!!  I know it is a fact that 
NORMAL peoples blood sugar does NOT vary by that much!!!!!!!  it doesn't vary 
by more than, what 40-50 points?  something like that.  I ask her WHICH 
reading I should go by, and she says you can't compare readings/  I ask her 
if I should just cover for the 197 and HOPE i wake up in the morning and SHE 
HANGS UP ON ME!!..Now granted, I am a "little" moooooody, as such a high 
blood sugar as 412 would make anyone, but what the hell kind of customer 
service is THAT???  

I call back and get a guy.  Being the sexist pig I am, I try to refrain from 
ripping his head off, and he takes me through the same stuff she did...IN THE 
MEANTIME, I get out my trusty dinosaur behemoth, the Profile, and I am 339.

YES the vial was just opened 2 days ok...yes the code matches, no, the strips 
have not expired...no I don't have control solution (whups...my bad)  So he 
wants me to do three consecutive test...he tells me I HAVE to change lancets 
AND fingers for each one!!!  WHAT????  I would go through 3,650 a year if i 
did that!!!  but to make him happy and PROVE how crappy his meter is, I 
comply...Fortunately the meter goes along with me and fails miserably...I go 
from 79 (yes 79) to 334 to 197...I test AGAIN with the profile (for those of 
you COUNTING, this is now test 8 in the last 20 minutes) and I am 331, at 
which point I finally cover with a bolus.

He is at a total loss...He expected to be able to show me the 16% calculated 
and ACCEPTABLE variance in the machine...but with numbers I was providing, 
there was NO way he could....At this point, I am beyond pissed and am in 
complete SHOCK at the futility of all this.  blah blah blah...he is going to 
send me a new meter and some new strips to compensate me for the used 
to wonder WHERE EXACTLY between 79 and 434 my blood sugar actually is...he 
goes ON to intone how the fast take and profile measure different 
things...one does whole blood the other uses plasma (or wahtever)...i hated 
to tell him that it didn't ACTUALLY test the plasma, as that was only 
possible in a lab where they can SEPARATE the blood from the plasma, and that 
in reality the meter just does a fancy math trick, but I was beyond caring 
about his need for edification and just wanted to get off the phone

Just for giggles and grins I decided to test with the Freestyle - as long as 
I was bleeding like a sieve anyway...297...thanks for nothing pal

NOW, if this was the first time i had had such bad results with a meter, it 
would be one thing, but it is not!!!  3 weeks ago my doctor had given me a 
freestyle and I was using it pretty exclusively, using the fast take as my 
gym machine...I was having some odd bs swings, but nothing I couldn't 
attribute to being back on my diet, working out, stress, etc...Then one day, 
I am leaving work and test as I leave...325...dang I did not feel that bad, 
but I DID have a fatty lunch so I bolused to bring me down to 150 - 3.5 
units.  By the time I got home, LESS THAN an hour, I was completely 
crashed....i test...it says I am 128...NOT a chance!  sure I know they TELL 
you that sometimes you FEEL like you are crashing after having been that 
high, but there was NO question in my mind I was crashing.  I pull out my 
profile and I am 47...I KNOW you cant compare meters, but there is a VAST 
difference between 128 and 47, so I test with both the freesyle and profile 
again...131 and 42...guess which number goes with which meter!!!  that is NOT 
the 15% difference you can attribute to whole blood versus serum!!!!  So I 
treated first, and called the freestyle people...we even did control solution 
tests and it all checked out fine...but I said I was not gonna use this 
meter...they sent me a new one, and it just kinda sits here...which is when I 
started using the Fast take more...I realized I could use the free style 
pokey with the clear bottom for the fast take blood....


so, in closing...I hate diabetes....

did y'all MISS my rants and raves?????

Sara smarty pants....or is that sara smarting arms from the 10 pokes (8 of 
which are still bleeding...lovely this is going to be on my sheets dontcha 
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