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  I was recently introduced to Stevia a few months ago at a group meeting.  
The guy had the leaves and he made a 'tea' out of it.  REALLY REALLY sweet.  
Did you know you can grow it?  Check it out at your local nursery.  Not sure 
of the climate that it takes.  Kerri is growing some here in WA so it must 
grow in colder climates alright.  She said she can break a little bit off the 
plant and crush it up and put it in stuff and it really does the job.  Oh, 
here is the papers he handed out...here are some sites to look up:   
www.stevia    www.stevialinks   Sweetvia (website)
Heral Advantage   email @ redacted  (e-mail)

The group leader also included a page that talks about the FDA approval 
9/18/95 "can be sold and consumed as a dietary supplement for nutritional 

I have more info here if anyone wants it.  Write to me off list and I will be 
glad to send it!

mom to Joshua
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