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[IP] Re: Weird experiences with DKA

Here's another related question on this topic.  Can you be in Ketosis and
NOT have it show up on the ketone strip?  Before I was put on insulin my bgs
started going higher and higher until my meter wasn't able to read them.  My
doctor at the time thought I was Type 2 and had prescribed me oral agents
that weren't doing anything.  I had lost 30 pounds at this point and I was
naseated and THIRSTY.  Consequently I drank literally gallons of water a
day.  But when I went in to the Dr's office and pee'd on the stick he said
there were no ketones.  Whenever I look back on this I wonder why there
wasn't any ketones present.  Also during this time I had this horrible acid
stomach that kept making me belch all day.  Is this a sign of Ketosis?  Is
it possible that drinking so much water would cause ketones to not show up
on the urine strip?
It's been 5 years since all this happened but I wonder about it to this day.
kindest regards,
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