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[IP] DKA with unknown cause

Well, still don't have any ideas on my DKA episode with BS in the 160's.  No,
I was not fasting, and didn't have a virus unless of course it was the
infamous Klingerman Virus!!! (sorry, couldn't let that one slip by).  I think
it was all due to a "bad" infusion site but really I'm not sure.  I never did
test my meter for accuracy, but figured if my BS had been in the >200 range I
would have felt like crap.  I usually do when my BS is elevated for any period
of time.  I did however recently change meters so if there was a problem with
the previous one, it doesn't really matter at this point.  I was using the
Precision Xtra at the time and never did like it anyway.  Now I'm using the
Onetouch ultra which is so much more to my liking.  Well, still don't have an
answer to my DKA but I guess stranger things have happened.  Thanks everyone
for your input on the subject.
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