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[IP] Re: My best friend and diabeties

Hi All,

  I would like to share this with all of you.  Sixteen years ago on a cold 
March Day I went to purchase a 6 week old Sealpoint Siamese Kitten,  It was 
the coldest day that year.  My daughter and I went to pick her up.  That 
night the kitten insisted that she was going to get into bed with me and go 
to sleep. no matter what I did.  If i would put her out of the room, she 
would paw at the door all night.  After several sleepless nights the kitty 
one.  By the way her name is Bachie.  Bachie is now 16 years old, and still 
sleeps with me.  She has never missed one night or one daytime nap.  But here 
it is.  The cat for the past 13 years has always awaken me from my sleep when 
i am having a low. she sense's it and does whatever to wake me up, she then 
FAITHFULLY   stays by me, until i am up and taking care of myself, sitting at 
my feet while i eat something.  My bond with her is very strong, i don't mind 
her little bits on the ear's or nose to wake me.  Cat's sense the trembling 
in my body that i don't.  I am now married and she still share's our bed.  My 
husband told me that when she passes that I will never sleep again.  I told  
him oh yes I will, you won't,  Your gonna have to sit up and watch me sleep.  
LOL.  I have been Blessed with this special cat.  I just wanted to share with 
all of you how much she has been there for me and my diabeties.  She is now 
16 years old and my best friend.

Hug's,  Kitty 
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