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[IP] RE: Glucowatch & Using CGMS at Pump Start? (long -- as usual <g!>)

>The main
> reason why they consider it to be a stressful thing is that you
> have to have
> to wear the CGMS "box" and have the CGMS sensor inserted under
> the skin at a
> site seperate from where your pump is -- so it's like wearing two
> pumps for
> those three days, and they *think* that could be especially hard
> on a child
> who's just getting used to wearing a pump in the first place.
> I'd love to
> get some feedback on the whole "added stressor" concept from any
> pumpers or
> non-pumpers (adult or child) who have used the CGMS.

I think the David did well with both the pump and the CGMS hooked to his
belt.  Sure the CGMS is larger than the pump but it's really not THAT big
for just a few days.  We used EMLA cream for the insert so he didn't have to
feel anything for a while.  Once the numbness wore off he said it was
"tender, but not too bad", he felt the same way about the pump for the 1st
day or so too.  Once he realized he could relax he was cool.

I recommend everyone get a chance one way or another to see their kids
actual BGs over a few days.  (if not the CGMS, then the next greatest
invention that comes out until the Glucowatch is finally here)  It's a real
eye opener for us.  There are no straight lines with BGs.

Marie Matthews
Mother of
    Jeff 15, Joey 13 & David Jr 9 (dx 9/99) MM508 3/13/01
Daughter of Donna 59 (dx in 1945)
Wife of Dave, USAF
Spangdahlem AB, Germany
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