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[IP] Nurses who know nothing

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Hospitilization

I was just recently in the hospital for compilcations of my diabetes
complications (kidney failure).  I have never seen so many "misinformed"
nurses.  They have never seen nor been near an insulin pump.  I was
them on it as best I could as I am only 1 week in to pump therapy.  It is
bad that it is not somthing that is talked about when they learn about
diabetes in all of their schooling, but I was not aware that they know so
little about such a huge disease.

I took my own meter and checked my own BG's and would give the insulin
accordingly.  Then they would question me when they would come in to do
own testing and I had told them that I just did it.  They would ask how???
Well, the same way you would have checked it, I DO own my own meter you
 Then they would want to know where I got the supplies from to give my own
insulin?  Well, I do wear a pump and it is a constant source of insulin.  I
was overwhelmed by the stupidity of the nursing staff.

I tried to be as nice as possible about it, but after a few days it got to
very annoying.  Why are people in a hospital so undereducated about such a
HUGE disease?  I think it should be a large part of their studies because it
is so involved.  And when you tell them that so much insulin will make you
come crashing down. they don't understand.  I have had diabetes for 16
I know my body and how it reacts to large doses of insulin.

Thanks for listening, I just needed to vent a little.

pumping for 1 week and loving the control I now have
- ----------------------------------------------------------Well Diabetes to
nurses and everyone else is just plain boring, no operations, no blood and
guts, no special recovery plans, no balloon pumps, no ventilators and just
figure, most of what they see is elderly stable type 2's who do not need
special care The usual thing is they come in for a cataract procedure or
pnumonia. in the first casethey go home the next day in the second they get
insulin until they are stable no type 2's have pumps. Most type 1's do not
need a hospital unless they get a severe infection or pregnancy or whatever
then the endo takes care of their diabetes. Maybe the type 1's live a long
life like I did and then they get admitted for a heart attack or heart
The pump would be a useless gadget unless nursing knew my basals and
boluses. I keep these in my wallet on a piece of paper. My endo would be
able to manage the pump but certainly not nursing.  spot
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