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Re: [IP] DX stories & **special moms!!**

In a message dated 4/9/01 3:15:39 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I really have to step in and say something here. You

in my opinion, any mother on this list is a special mom!  if you think of all 
the diabetic children there are in the world and those whose parents have 
access to a computer...... and we have 3,000 members on IP..... need i say 
i know some might not know about IP, but if you do one little tiny itty bitty 
search for the words "insulin pump" anywhere on the web, 
'insulin-pumpers.org' is all over the results!!!!!!!
so again, the mothers on this list, i think you are extra special for caring 
so much about your child and sharing your experiences with us!  although we 
are all different unique individuals, we all share one thing in common:  
diabetes and love!
gina & mr clicks (MM508)
dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
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