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Re: [IP] Active pumping boy...crumpled Sils...Help!

> Gus(8) switched from using the soft-sets to the Sils in early
> February.  His BGs improved, and are a little more consistent, but
> we still have problems with bending/crimping.  I took out a set last
> night that had been in for not quite 48 hours that looked like a
> chewed on straw.  He HAD played in three hockey games during that
> period...disconnected each time.  We're putting extra tape over the
> set tape.  We also recently switched from butt sites to the upper
> thigh thinking he's less likely to fall on or bump this area and
> have experimented with going in at different angles....  Last week
> we changed the set 3 times in 4 days....  Any suggestions would be
> appreciated.  

Try rotating the insertion so that it is perpendicular to the 
direction that the underlying muscles contract. This should help 
prevent the set from "inching" out when he moves during exercise. 
Moving up/down/left/right a little may help as well. This worked for 
Lily after having much the same experience as your son.
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