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[IP] Poll from IP - Please respond PRIVATELY

*************IP family, I need your help in finishing a college 
paper. I would like to use the information I obtain from any of you 
that wish to participate in my survey. However, I do not want this 
subject to cause controversy on the IP list -- it is strictly to be 
kept OFF LIST. All replies need to come to me directly, NOT the IP 
list. If someone inadvertently does respond to the list, please let 
it be - the administration staff will handle it from there. If you do 
not wish to participate, no problem. No explanations are needed nor 
wanted for your answer. A simple 'yes' or 'no' will be sufficient. 
Results of the survey will be available when it is completed, 
e-mailed directly to you, if you would like. Thank you in advance, 
Mag -- email @ redacted

 As a person familiar to diabetes, either being diabetic or caring for
 a diabetic, are you FOR or AGAINST the cloning of human embryos for
 the sole purpose of using the cells to cure diseases........of course
 diabetes being our priority because it affects us directly.  Please
 email me DIRECTLY with a YES or NO, FOR or AGAINST answer at

 email @ redacted
email @ redacted
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