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[IP] Re: Travel to Paris

    Our family was in Paris the summer before last and we (as a family with 3 
kids) have recently spent about 4 weeks there in different spots.  Other 
places are much nicer than Paris!!!!  Go to the coutryside (central) and to 
Normandy, which I consider the perfect spot for anyone's holiday.
    We found that Diet drinks (except Diet coke) are non-existent in France. 
But bottled water is always available, as is wine which can be very cheap.   
Also, it is a very white bread culture--expect to be served mega amounts of 
french bread and croissants.  Nice at first, but you later crave somthing 
more substantial such a whole wheat for a change.  I can't remember about the 
supply of artificial sweeteners....so bring your own if you use these.  There 
is an abundance of dairy products, rows and rows of yogurts, fromage frais 
and puddings etc. available in the supermarkets, and always lots of fresh 
fruit.  Long life milk in boxes is much more common than fresh milk, which 
can be hard to find, even in large supermarkets.
    The french often eat their largest meal at lunchtime, and places close 
afterwards.  Thus restaurants may not re-open until 6 pm., which was hard for 
us with young kids who couldn't wait to eat.  
    Have fun, I'm sure you will love Paris, it just wasn't any fun with 3 
kids, one with DM and high blood sugars and no bathrooms in Paris.......

Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, pumping tomorrow
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