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Re: [IP] Q about 24-hr. collection

At 09:38 AM 4/9/01, you wrote:
>For you lab techs and medical professionals out there: I have a friend who
>forgot to save her *second* void of the day to start her 24-hr. urine
>colleciton (discard the first and mark the time). So, she started with the 3rd
>one and continued to the next day until that one - which equaled 24 hrs. When
>she got to the lab she told them what she did (mistake). The lab tech. was
>upset and wrote on her orders that it was in error, etc., therefore it
>wouldn't be a real test.
>My Q: Isn't 24-hrs. still 24 hrs? Wasn't that a real test?

The lab test is still good if:

1. no void was missed in the middle of the test.
2. as long as it totaled the 24 hours.

for the patients that I have on the 24 hour urines.  we discard the first 
(which we usually like to be the first one in the morning) and start at the 
second void.  so if you first void at 7am and miss the second void at say 
9am I would count the void at 9am as the first void.  If say you got the 
second void at nine and missed one after that then the test is Void and you 
must restart.

what time did she start collecting and what time did she end?

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