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[IP] Re: vent over do

In a message dated 4/7/2001 9:08:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I'll second that thanks to Brian and to Renee too.
> Diabetes has changed everything in our household.  I was a carefree kind of 
> mother - loved La Leche League, no schedules, ....and when my 15 month old 
> nursling was diagnosed with diabetes EVERYTHING changed.   Shots, dictated 
> meals, weighing food, even NURSING on a schedule (dietician said my on 
> demand 
> nursling could now only nurse with meals -- arrrggggggg).
> At night when my son is stirring, I wonder if his bg is low and whether or 
> not I should get up and check his bg...and when he goes to the bathroom 
> just 
> one time at night, dare I ask him to check his bg or can he just bloomin' 
> go 
> to the bathroom without being reminded of his diabetes even in the middle 
> of 
> the night, at least just this once?  So sometimes, rather than disturb him, 
> I 
> stay awake and worry and hopefully let him have a few minutes peace of NOT 
> thinking about his diabetes.  Of course, then I stay awake and worry 
> whether 
> or not this was the right choice.
> I detest that the first thing in the morning I need to know what my son's 
> bg 
> is before he gets ready for school.  Then the questions that have to be 
> asked 
> "how much insulin is in the cartridge, do you have something on you in case 
> of a low bg, did you take all the insulin for the huge breakfast you just 
> ate, where's your medic alert bracelet? yada yada yada!!"  How awful that I 
> have to force myself to converse about other things before getting into  
> the 
> burning questions I have to ask before I can feel safe about sending him 
> off 
> to school and I can go to work.  Everytime my cell phone rings I skip a 
> breath and panic - this is MY PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEM that I don't want to 
> pass 
> along to my son.
> Why is it that when we go for checkups at the endo's office, it's all about 
> bgs, A1C, bloodwork, weight, height, ..........yet nothing about how this 
> disease wreaks havoc on the psychological well being of those living with 
> this disease.  
> Yes my son appears to take it all in stride as he has NO memory of life 
> without diabetes.  But it has to take its toll.  I encourage him to vent.  
> I 
> encourage him to to find humor too in his life with diabetes (we love the 
> cartoons in Diabetes Interview).  
> I love the support I've found in cyberspace living with a child with 
> diabetes.
> Very sincerely yours,

Ellen your post made me cry.  It made me cry because I could have written 
that post exactly.  I feel exactly like you do & your fears are mine!!!!

  Kim...........Mom of Ashley(diabetic for 5 years & not pumping yet)
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