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Re: [IP] travel to paris or any time zone change.

Contrary to Linda's experience I have been stopped and scanned with a wand 
many times and was strip searched when leaving Athens Greece because of the 

When I travel over many time zones I change my pump to the time at my 
destination when I leave.  When I last traveled from Southern California to 
Turkey I had an over night layover in New York.  When I left L.A. I set my 
pump to N.Y. time.  The next day when I left N.Y. I set my pump to Turkish 
time.  I did the same on the reverse trip and had no problems.

Tnx, Corky

At 06:57 AM 4/9/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I have traveled overseas with my pump several times
>with no problems.  Sailed right through security and
>customs.  Of course, you should have the standard
>'carrying diabetic supplies' RX from your doctor just
>in case you get quesitoned.
>As far as time zone changes, I also travel cross
>country a lot.  I try to adjust my pump to match up to
>the local time.  I change the time on my pump an hour
>at a time, twice a day, until it matches local time.
>When I go cross country, I change my pump one hour as
>soon as I get on the plane.  Then I change it again
>when I think of it until it is on the right time.
>The same thing in reverse.
>When I traveled to Europe, I changed 2 hours right
>away, then nudged it closer to local time an hour at a
>time 2 or 3 times a day.
>My basals are set for the dawn phenomenon that happens
>overnight, so it is important that it matches my sleep
>Hope this helps,
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