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[IP] Re: Glucowatch - handmade & Using CGMS -

Handmade glucowatches will take forever for all of us to get one!!! We went to the endo on Thursday and he gave me a prescription for the Glucowatch --- but it is only good for 6 mos. -so guess he'll have to write another one -- of course who knows if the ins. co would pay -- I was going to call the Company and say I have my prescription now what -- maybe I still will....

As for CGMS - our dr. is doing a group on 4/27 and he signed me up but we can't do it -( don't you know that it would be the weekend of the school auction and I actually have arranged for Colleen to sleep over a friend's house - first sleepover!!!!) 

I would love to hear kid's responses regardng wearing a pump and the CGMS -- Colleen has been pumping almost a year and I think she forgets she has it on (most of the time) -- I think the information will be invaluable but I may have to bribe BIG TIME for her to wear 2 - the hiney sites cost $20. --- hope this doesn't break the bank........

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