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[IP] travel to paris or any time zone change.

I have traveled overseas with my pump several times
with no problems.  Sailed right through security and
customs.  Of course, you should have the standard
'carrying diabetic supplies' RX from your doctor just
in case you get quesitoned.
As far as time zone changes, I also travel cross
country a lot.  I try to adjust my pump to match up to
the local time.  I change the time on my pump an hour
at a time, twice a day, until it matches local time. 
When I go cross country, I change my pump one hour as
soon as I get on the plane.  Then I change it again
when I think of it until it is on the right time.  
The same thing in reverse.
When I traveled to Europe, I changed 2 hours right
away, then nudged it closer to local time an hour at a
time 2 or 3 times a day.
My basals are set for the dawn phenomenon that happens
overnight, so it is important that it matches my sleep
Hope this helps,

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