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[IP] Any hints on removing the tape? Fast-acting numbing creams?

My 2-year old son, Zachary, has been pumping since Wednesday, April 4th.
Removing the tape during a site change has been uncomfortable for him.  We
have applied baby oil, but were wondering if there is a better suggestion?
Also, what are the quickest-acting numbing agents?    Does ambesol really
work?  We just got done changing a site at 4:00 a.m., and didn't have time
to let the emla cream work.

His tired, but ever-so-hopeful Mom,

P.S.  Medical I.D. bracelets have been discussed a lot lately.  Has anyone
looked at Fifty50 (or "FiftyFifty") Pharmacy?  They have neoprene
bracelets/anklets for kids, with many designs from which to choose.  They
seem to be large enough for adults; they can be cut to fit.  I have shown
Zachary's anklet(s) to our local ER personnel, and to the staff at our
medical center, so they will know that there are new styles of Medical
I.D.'s now.
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