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Hi All
I went to a maternal and Fetal Med Clinic on Friday. I had to get a 
clearance letter from them before the fertility Doctor will start 
treatment. The hoops (Doctors, insurance company etc...) to jump 
through remind me of the hoops I had to jump through before going 
on the Pump. 

He was very impressed by the fact that with the pump I have gotten 
my Ha1c down from the prepump of 10.7 (July 00") to the 4.3 taken 
last week!!! But I think want really got him was the fact that I did it 
with my primary who is an internal med guy and not an endo. He is 
the second doctor in the last three weeks that made me feel that I 
was getting less than superior medical care because I didn't see an 

I guess I just need to vent alittle and say that my primary has 
taken the time to learn about the pump, has made himself available 
by phone, office visits every two or three weeks as needed and by 
email to help me with getting regulated on the pump and has been 
the world's biggest and best cheerleader that I have ever had! And 
even though I live 15 minutes from a Joslin Center that I would not 
be on pump if not for him. The reason for no endo in the first place 
was that in last year the Joslin center had cancelled three 
appointments and made me wait three months for the next 
appointment so that it was a year between visits. It was not the 
doctors themselves that I didn't like. I just didn't call this care nor 
did my primary. 

I did say to this doctor that I would go back to Joslin when I was 
pragnant and if it was needed. But I don't understand the godlike 
status that is given to endos. What can an endo do that we 
ourselves with a doctor that cares and understands the pump 
can't? I would think it is much better to have someone that is 
available to help troubleshoot immediately then to wait the time for 
an endo. 

Thanks for letting me vent.
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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