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[IP] Feeling bad on pump - like DKA

Ken Bucholz wrote:
> To make a long story short I felt so bad (I could feel the cold air
> through my nose and then got severe burning sensations through my arms,
> chest and stomach like I was dehydrating) I finally decided to take a
> nitro pill and go to the hospital. <snip>
>    I just got back home with NO explanation of what has happened. All
> blood work for heart came back fine and Cardiologist released me this
> morning. Only thing elevated was the potassium at 6.8. (Usually runs
> around 5.3)

The only input I have on this is the analogy my endo gave years ago. When
someone lives in Alaska (i.e. high BGs) they get used to it. If they are
transferred to Florida (*normal* BGs) ask them how they like it. AWFUL! But,
ask them 2 years later how they like Florida (*normal*) and they love it
because they got used to it.  I don't know how your BGs had been running
before pumping, but perhaps this is the case. I did read once that it is
advisable for a new pumper to bring the BGs down slowly to be more
comfortable. Expecting normalization immediately results in something like
what you experienced.

BTW, That high potassium can cause a future heart attack. I have a list of
foods and their potassium content if you would like it. Request it from
email @ redacted and I'll email it to you. How is your kidney function
(only a DMer can get away with a question like that of a stranger <gr>)? When
the kidneys do not function correctly, the potassium stays in the body, not
getting peed out. Request a creatinine clearance test from your doctor. (~_^)

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