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[IP] Weird experiences with DKA

I had a weird experience with DKA just a few weeks ago.  I had changed
infusion sites that am.  My BS ran 160's all day long.  I had wondered if it
was a "bad site" but didn't think much of it.  My correction boluses didn't
seem to be bringing my BS down as much as I had anticipated either. Anyway,
got home that night and tested my BS before supper and 160 again. I felt a bit
weird so tested for ketones for the heck of it.  I had large ketones - the
test strip turned dark purple almost immediately when the urine hit it.
Luckily I was able to get an injection into me and change infusion sites
before I was feeling really bad.  Followed the DKA prevention protocol given
me by my CDE and started drinking water in copious amounts.  Started vomiting
minutes later.  At one point I considered going to the ER but decided to wait
until my injection had time to kick in.  BS came down within 2 hours and
ketones cleared so I managed to do OK on my own. Was just wondering if anyone
else has had experiences with DKA with BS < 200.  I had no reason to doubt my
glucometers accuracy at the time and think the whole thing was just related to
having a bad site, but it came on so quickly.  I thought that the body didn't
start to make ketenes until BS was up around the 230 mark so don't know what
to think about the whole situation.
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