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[IP] Greetings from Down Under in New Zealand

Just thought that now I have joined the insulin pumpers list again - I'd take
this opportunity to (re)introduce myself.  As the subject says I live in New
Zealand (when I am not off on one of my mad adventures in distant corners of
the globe!!).
Contrary to what my profile says
ony.jpg) - I am now 31 years old - I still look like the picture (even after
all that late night studying!!)
I have recently qualified as an Occupational therapist, and will be shortly
embarking on a journey to England to develop my skills further (and maybe pay
back some of the debt accumulated while a student).  Enroute to the UK - I
will be spending the summer in the US working as a counselor at a summer camp
- hopefully at a camp that caters specifically for kids with diabetes (Camp
Nejeda in New Jersey is looking very likely!).  Hopefully I will be able to
act as a good role model for the kids - having diabetes has certainly taught
me important lessons about how important a balanced lifestyle is and that it
is possible to lead a rich and fulfilling life even with diabetes (having a
pump goes a long way to help me in that regard!).

I'd love to hear from other people that may be spending this Summer at a camp
- either as a counselor or a participant.  I'd especially love to hear from
anyone who has been to Camp Nejeda before (or is going there this year)

Another request is for information about how much waterproof cases for a
minimed are in the states - they are very expensive here in New Zealand and
was thinking that I might wait until I get to the States in early June to buy
one.  If anyone has a spare one that they'd like to sell to me - I'd be
interested.  (I think working at a summer camp that has a 7 acre lake might
mean that I'll need to keep the pump safe and dry).

Well enough ramblings from me,

If anyone wants to talk to me about traveling with diabetes, feel free to drop
me a line at email @ redacted (I have been lucky enough to have traveled to some
pretty remote parts of the globe -and survived!)

Tony 'mac' Milne.

P.S. My two cents worth - Yes AA Milne was born in the UK.  Winnie the pooh
was based on a bear in the london zoo that AA Milne's son Christopher Robin
liked.  Tigger is one of the characters in the stories, TTFN is ta ta for now
and it is a Tigger-ism. And tiggy is a completly different character (even in
the UK) nothing to do with winnie the pooh.

P.P.S. Lynette if you are still tuned into this list...I hope all is well down
in Christchurch!!
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