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[IP] NEW PUMPER Was just hospitalized. Need HELP

First of all, it IS correct to check/treat for a MI or Heart problem
The D second.
Have you had heart problems - most people do not have nitro laying
house is why I asked.

Possible that you could have been so stressed out over the pump, that
you had an anxity attack/panick attack/or stress attack - these are
each a little different, usually quite benign, but FEED LIKE A HEART
DKA usually takes over 4 hours - with NO insulin on board, BG usually
above 250 for that time - of course YMMV - This is NOT medical advise,
just some Lay person's ideas what what I have experienced.
Make SURE to check out ANY heart problems before you think it is just
a panic attack. Also, possible to have had a TIA(Transiant Iscemic
Like a stroke, but lasts only 2-4 hours.

Also, with me, when I am on a roller-coaster - high-low-high, even if
BG is normal - it takes 1`-3 days for your body to settle back down.
Lows I usually feel 2-4 hours AFTER I TREAT THEM, AFTER THE BG IS BACK
normal.  Usually with highs, the higher you go, the more insulin it
to get back to normal range - say if your correct is 50:1, then if you
have a BG of 350, you MAY need to correct at 25:1 or so. It takes time
and practice. 
Most if not all of us have been there.

Stay safe...
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