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Re: [IP] post site change highs


  Do you leave the old site in for a little while after the insertion of the 
new site?  A lot of pepole say they do this and we started doing this with 
Joshua (9yo).  What a difference.  You see, the old set acts like a plug for 
that little pool of insulin that might be under the skin there and will allow 
this to be absorbed.  A lot of time when you pull an old site you will lose 
some of that insulin out the little hole.  It might not seem like much but 
apparantly enough to allow those dreaded highs to occur. 

  Try this and see.  PLUS you ARE doing the 0.5-1.0 unit bolus after 
insertion, right?  Depending on the size of your son's canunla.  

mom to Joshua
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