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Re: [IP] DX stories


  Thanks for sharing your story.  You too Brian.  That was incredible, 
really!  The only person I have 'berated' or gotten mad at is ME!  I have 
always felt, somehow, that I must have done something wrong.  I know, 
intellectually, that this is not the case but I still do this on occassion.  
It has NEVER been a case of saying that Josh did something wrong.  And even 
now, especially since being on the pump, I do NOT berate him for eating 
something special.  He knows that he is limited and he is really trying to 
learn to remember those boluses too.  He really has been working at that one, 
and it showed in his pretty successful sleepover BD party this past friday 
night!  I don't hold Josh up to any more stringent plan than I normally would 
have.  Just more careful, that is all.  Then, when he is older I am hoping 
that he does not feel so deprived of a childhood lost or something.  He is 
the only child I will ever have.  The only experiences I have are my own 
childhood and I never had to deal with diabetes.  So as a mother, I may be 
failing miserably.  But atleast I know I am trying EXTREMELY hard!

  Looking back, I truly believe that I was probably more traumatized by the 
daignosis than Josh was.  He was only 5.  To him it meant no more Skittles!  
That is about all so far.  Now, as he gets older and has a better 
understanding of things, he may equate this disease for what it really is.  
But until then he is, so far, a happy, healthy 9 year old who desparately 
wants to go fishing...and I mean RIGHT NOW!!!

Thanks for listening!

mom to Joshua
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