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Re: [IP] Glucowatch & Using CGMS at Pump Start? (long -- as usual <g!>)


  Thanks for the valuable information about the Glucowatch.  It is funny 
because I just sent a message to our endo about this subject.  I was, 
however, under the inpression that this device was ready for release, 
according to website, etc....
Anyway, if/when it ever does get released I was asking our endo about the 
watch being used AS a CGMS versus the regular CGMS box.  I, for one, will not 
be interested in obtaining one of the watches until WAAAY down the line when 
all the kinks have been straightened out.  But the idea of having it 
available to use as a CGMS which is non-evasive for Joshua, would be really 
great.  I mean, you still have to do your regular BG checks with meter 
anyway, so why not wear the watch for 3 days and have the information put out 
with out the hassle of site insertions??!!!

This has been a thought of mine since hearing about its supposid release.  I 
just wonder how the costs will compare to the regualr CGMS device for clinics 
and hospitals and other medical facilities.?

mom to Joshua
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