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[IP] Glucowatch & Using CGMS at Pump Start? (long -- as usual <g!>)

We went to our mandatory "Intro. to Pumping" at the Barbara Davis Center on 
Friday afternoon.  It's a general class (not specific to any particular pump 
brand or model) that covered the basic pros & cons of pumping, showed us all  
the various pumps and sets available, had some activities on carb counting, 
and went over what is required of us (frequent testing, faxing in logs 
daily/weekly, etc.) and what to expect to experience during the pump start 
(the first couple weeks to a month).

The final presenter was Dr. Peter Chase (now I know why you families who've 
been lucky enough to have him as your doc all love him so much -- he's so 
obviously a terrific human being as well as a great doctor & researcher).  
After the class we were talking to him about the Glucowatch and the 
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS from Minimed).

We learned that nobody (adults or kids with type 1) in the US should hold 
their breath about getting our hands on a Glucowatch because the FDA has only 
approved the HAND BUILT Glucowatch sensors (the part that touches the skin -- 
separate from the "watch" part of the Glucowatch).  Because these are hand 
built, the production is really only enough to supply the research 
studies/trials.  They do have a factory that is (on a limited basis) making 
sensors in a more automated fashion that is now shipping sensors that can be 
obtained in Europe.  However, the production levels will have to be 
dramatically increased and these factory-built sensors are going to have to 
go through trials in the US before they can even consider making Glucowatches 
available to the general public here.   8-(

We also talked with him about the idea of using the CGMS (which gives a 
report at the end of 3 days of wearing it on what your mean BG level was for 
every 5 minute period during those 3 days) as tool to facilitate the pump 
start (setting basals, etc.).  He said that, so far, they'd not done this 
with kids because they thought it would be just an added stressor to the 
already stressful initial pump start period.  However, he indicated that was 
something they would likely start doing, in SOME cases.

Katie seemed to like the idea (tho' I'm not quite sure why yet), so we're 
going to explore the idea of using the CGMS at her pump start.  The main 
reason why they consider it to be a stressful thing is that you have to have 
to wear the CGMS "box" and have the CGMS sensor inserted under the skin at a 
site seperate from where your pump is -- so it's like wearing two pumps for 
those three days, and they *think* that could be especially hard on a child 
who's just getting used to wearing a pump in the first place.  I'd love to 
get some feedback on the whole "added stressor" concept from any pumpers or 
non-pumpers (adult or child) who have used the CGMS.

Thanks in Advance !

Mom to Katie (10) Dx'd 11/00 and awaiting delivery of her Animas pump and 
Jason (3)  
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