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[IP] air bubble trouble

I know there has been discussion about this in the past, but I wonder if 
anyone has any thoughts which might help me? Air bubbles seem to be causing 
me quite a bit of trouble. I follow all the correct procedures and have tried 
using insulin which is at room temperature when refilling the syringe, as 
well as using insulin pen cartridges instead of the ordinary bottles, but 
nothing seems to prevent significant air bubbles gathering in the syringe at 
anything from half a day or longer after the last change. Although I can't 
always see bubbles in the line, there seems to be an effect on my sugars - 
the appearance of bubbles seems to coincide with otherwise inexplicable high 

Any advice would be appreciated.

On a positive note, after two months of pumping I seem at last to be getting 
the hang of it all a bit better! I have found that having my evening meal 
early - about 4 hours before going to bed - has greatly improved my overall 
control, presumably because it is then easier to stabilise my overnight 

If only I could get rid of those dratted air bubbles!!!

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