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[IP] DAH? and Happy Ramblings

I am the originator of DAH.  The smiling version of DUH.  I look at life as 
often as I can with laughter because once I start crying, sometimes I cannot 
stop.  (The overly sensitive female type that I am.)  

In reality I am one stressed out accountant who is trying to focus on April 
16th, who relies too heavily on SPELL CHECK, computerized tax programs, and 
my trusty calculator with 15 or more feet of spent adding machine tape laying 
on the floor at all times these days.

Forgive my misspelling.  Basically sometimes, "Boy am I dumb not to have 
thought of that myself-the definition of DAH or more correctly DUH"

My schedule in the next month includes 
April 16-golly gee I made it again!
April 17-My oldest son's 11th birthday (Oh this one has familial high 
April 18-My surgery on my left hand (four trigger finger I have had released)
May 6-Youngest son's First Communion (This one has ADHD)
May 11-My 85 year old mother-in-law's female type surgery.  She has 
Binswager's dementia and as the wife of her only child, this does come with a 
whole bunch of additional responsibilities.  I will have about two weeks to 
devote to her then the boys get off for the summer.

Oh as of yet not scheduled but I am hoping that the fifth trigger finger on 
my right hand is released on or about May 16th so I can somewhat recover 
before summer swimming season.

Good Lord, no wonder I number one, am not thinking correctly to begin with 
and number two can't spell anything that isn't on a prescription bottle!

Oh by the way I am just delightfully ranting.  No offense has been taken, I 
hope I have given any offense.  One week and about seven tax returns to go!

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