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Lisa - don't give up!!  We had a long 6 month battle (2 denials and a win at 
the 2nd appeal hearing) with BCBS of Colorado...  

Kirsten, 9 dx'd at 3 was finally started on her pump LAST Thursday -- a week 
ago.  It is A LOT of work and very exhausting at the beginning, but that is 
already getting better and we are already having SO much more control!  It is 
so worth every hurdle, challenge, sleep interupted night!!  We couldn't be 

We got the same excuses you did - plus we heard "we don't put kids on pumps 
out of convenience -- I had a good laugh!!!  I see NOTHING "convenient" about 
diabetes!!!  And - the pump does take extra work, but the rewards are 

If you would like some ideas of how we presented our case at the 2nd appeal 
hearing - email me and let me know -- I would be more than willing to share.  

When we were first denied I told myself that I would not get frustrated, but 
that if every person who works for BCBS has to know my name before we were 
done - then they would!!  My husband and I were absolutely determined and it 
paid off!

Again - let me know if I can help!

mom, Kirsten, 9, pumping 10 days!
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